Message from the President & Registrar

Leading Through Change

The 2015-2016 year was one of change for the College of Early Childhood Educators, as it was for the early learning and child care sector and the broader landscape of professional regulation.

At the end of 2015, the College bid a fond farewell to Registrar and CEO Sue Corke, who moved into well-deserved retirement following her five year tenure at the College. We were very pleased to bring Beth Deazeley to the College as Registrar and CEO in January of 2016. She quickly brought on board new members of the leadership team with deep expertise in the areas of entry to practice and professional regulation.

The College responded to changes in the regulatory landscape, including the complete rollout of full-day kindergarten and new regulations affecting licensed child care. Changes to the College’s governing legislation positioned us at the forefront of transparency and public protection. The College was granted significant new areas of regulatory responsibility, including the ability to implement a mandatory continuous professional learning program.

The Council pursued a rigorous governance agenda, which included reviews of the function of Council committees, oversight of the transition of the Registrar & CEO and initial planning for the succession of the President and other leadership roles on Council.

During this time, our relationships with the Ministry of Education, stakeholders, and most importantly with Ontario’s registered early childhood educators, have been paramount. We have been privileged to meet and interact with many of you, whether during the second Leadership Pilot project, at the Leadership Symposium, during consultations or attending events across the province.

As we look forward, the College has embarked upon a number of significant strategic initiatives, all of which support and emphasize the role of RECEs as professionals and leaders in their communities. These include the review of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice, the rollout of the Continuous Professional Learning program, and review of entry to practice requirements. All of these serve to highlight the high standards to which RECEs, as regulated professionals, hold themselves accountable. 

We are pleased to celebrate the achievements of 2015-2016 and look forward to the important work ahead.