Message from the President and Registrar

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As the President and Registrar of the College of Early Childhood Educators, we are pleased and proud to report to you that this year, the College reached several key milestones set out in our three year strategic plan, which guides the College’s activities as we regulate the profession in the public interest and support excellence in the practice of early childhood education.

Responding to changes in the early learning and child care sector and in the profession itself, the College developed and released the second edition of the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice. Changes in the new edition reflect the evolution in the way we think and speak about the profession, with increased emphasis on leadership, relationships, communication, collaboration, learning environments and professionalism.

Building on the new Code and Standards, the College launched its first mandatory Continuous Professional Learning (CPL) program in September 2016 to help support and enable a culture of professionalism and leadership among early childhood educators. Developed over two years with input from members and sector leaders, the CPL program is designed to support the efforts of RECEs to keep pace with changes in the sector, meet their professional practice responsibilities, and pursue their own ongoing development and career progression.

Council also attained several key milestones in the ongoing pursuit of excellence in governance. These included the creation of a skills matrix designed to identify and assess the skills and experience required to effectively govern the College. The Finance and Audit Committee was established to assist the Council in overseeing the College’s finances, reporting and sustainability. Reflecting best practice in the governance of regulated professions, Council changed its by-laws to allow any Council member (whether an elected member of the profession or a public member appointed to Council by government) to be elected as the College president.

This year also marked key milestones in the early learning and child care sector itself, and the College is pleased to have been able to provide ongoing input in relation to the Ontario Ministry of Education’s renewed vision for the sector. We strongly believe that well-educated, well-trained professionals are the key factors to ensuring high-quality early learning and care. We also believe that quality depends on a strong framework of regulatory accountability. We are proud of the fact that registered early childhood educators are ethical, responsible, and accountable professionals.

At the conclusion of the year we reached a bittersweet milestone as Lois Mahon, the College’s President since 2009, reached the end of her term on Council. As we celebrate the College’s achievements under her leadership, we are excited to move onwards towards new milestones, welcoming a new President and developing the strategic plan that will guide our work as we move forward. This new plan will include exciting new milestones in the key areas of our mandate: entry to practice, continuing competence, and professional regulation. Although we reached several milestones this year, there are many more that await.