Professional Regulation

Enhanced Support to Professional Regulation Committees

The College continued to expand investment in its committees by providing them with the training and resources needed to investigate and consider concerns about registered early childhood educators (RECEs) fairly, efficiently and transparently. This year, the committees participated in ongoing training on legislative developments and implemented the use of a risk assessment framework designed to assist in consistent decision-making.

Unregulated Persons

On occasion, individuals falsely represent themselves as early childhood educators. ​​​​​​​​The Early Childhood Educators Act, 2007 prohibits anyone from presenting themselves as being College members when they are not. The College is committed to preserving the integrity of the protected titles “registered early childhood educator” (RECE), “early childhood educator” (ECE) and their French equivalents, by pursuing persons who falsely represent themselves as either.

To keep the public up-to-date on its efforts, the College provides an unregulated persons list on its website. The public is encouraged to share information with the College regarding any person falsely presenting themselves as an RECE via email or telephone – 1 (866) 961-8558 ext. 333.