Practice Readiness Initiative

The College launched the “Practice Readiness Initiative” at the 2017 Annual Meeting of Members. Practice Readiness asks an important question: “What does it mean to be ready to practice as an early childhood educator in Ontario?” The question is being examined through three lenses – safety, competence (i.e., knowledge, skills and judgement) and professionalism – within the context of the dynamic changes that have occurred in the early years sector in Ontario since the College was created in 2007. The answer may result in making changes to registration requirements.


Ensuring Public Confidence in the Registration Process

The registration process of the College is the gateway for entry into the early childhood education profession in Ontario. As part of the registration process the College assesses whether a person meets the requirements to practice the profession. The assessment includes an applicant’s past and present conduct, which must provide the College with confidence that they will practice the profession with decency, integrity and honesty. To help identify where potential issues may exist, the College added additional experience and conduct questions to the application form. 

Updated Individual Assessment Process

The College accepts applications from Canadian and internationally trained applicants who require an individual assessment of their educational qualifications. In June 2016, the College’s Council approved three new registration policies:

1. Language Fluency

2. Unavailable Documents

3. Assessment of Education Qualifications of Applicants.

The individual assessment process was reviewed and changes were made to align to the new policies. The new two-phased process features an applicant self-assessment and standardized tools for validating work experience.